Proceedings of PSMP International Conference

This proceeding brings out the various research papers from diverse areas of political science and management in post-pandemic. These articles that we received for these conferences are very promising and impactful. We believe these studies have the potential to address key challenges in various sub-domains of social sciences and applied sciences. Thanks to all the participants for being here with us to create an environment of knowledge sharing and learning. I am also thankful to our scientific and review committee for spending much of their time in reviewing the papers for these events. I am sure the contributions by the authors shall add value to the research community.

■  Location: Paris, France.

■  Business, political science and Management:  Editor by Dr. Yang, Tzu-Yi /Hong Kong University


List of Articles:      

  1. Validating Individual Work Performance Questionnaire (IWPQ): A Second Order Confirmatory Factor Analysis.
  2. Legal issues relating to AI-generated art.
  3. An analysis of bilateral relationship between Thailand and Cambodia.
  4. An analysis of health promotion policies for the ageing population in Thailand.
  5. Leadership styles in higher education, challenges and the impact on the overall achievements.
  6. Guidelines in Human Resource Management of Local Government Organization: A Case Study of Nong Bua District, Nakhonsawan Province.
  7. Satisfaction of Social Security Services of Human Resource Management Division.
  8. Woman’s Leadership Model and Roles Towards Thai Children and Youth Development.
  9. Life Quality of Foreign Workers in Thailand.
  10. People’s Political Participation, Thanon Nakhon Chai Si Subdistrict, Dusit District, Bangkok.
  11. Gender Diversity and Inequality of Government Agencies in Thailand.
  12. Enhancing the Effective Management of Foreign Workers  in Ranong Province.
  13. Guidelines to Create Acceptance of Female Mayors’ Administration:
    A Case Study of Saraburi
  14. The Participation of People in the Administration of Huai Ruam Sub-District Administrative Organization, Amphoe Nong Bua, Nakhonsawan Province.
  15. Dispute in the South China Sea: The Roles of the Thai Government.
  16. The Relationship between Students' Personal Factors and Cognitive knowledge of the Soft Power Principle of Foreign Policy of South Korea.
  17. Signifiers in the Political of Thai Public Movements: A Case Study of Fluttering Butterfly Group.
  18. Attitudes of International Relations Bachelor's Degree Students Chulalongkorn University in the case of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.
  19. Media Exposure Behavior in Political Information of University Students.
  20. “To maintain the supreme power of the Thai people.”: Policy Practice of Foreign Policy by Khana Ratsadon from 1933 to1938.
  21. An Analysis of Local Government’s Involvement in Rural Community Development in Thailand.
  22. An Analysis of Knowledge Management and Knowledge Dissemination by Local Governments for a Sustainable Rural Community Development in Thailand.
  23. Legal Measures to Protect Employees from Thailand's Political Unrest Incidents.
  24. An Analysis of the Role of Local Leaders in Promoting Self Sufficiency Economy.
  25. An Analysis of Marijuana Liberalization in Thailand.
  26. Perception and Attitude Influencing People’s Utilization of Universal Health Coverage Scheme.