Proceedings of AASE International Conference: 2018 WINTER - Copy

This proceeding brings out the various research papers from diverse areas of science, engineering, technology, management, business and education. These articles that we received for these conferences are very promising and impactful. We believe these studies have the potential to address key challenges in various sub-domains of social sciences and applied sciences. Thanks to all the participants for being here with us to create an environment of knowledge sharing and learning. I am also thankful to our scientific and review committee for spending much of their time in reviewing the papers for these events. I am sure the contributions by the authors shall add value to the research community.

■  Location: Seoul, Taipei and Singapore.

■  Business, Education, Social Science, and Management:  Editor by Dr. Eddie K.W. Li/Hong Kong University

■  Engineering, Technology and Applied Science:  Editor by Dr. Hanmin Jung/South Korea University