AASE Conference in France
Paris, France

[2023 Special Event]

On behalf of AASE, it is our great honor and pleasure to invite you to ETAS and BESM Conferences, which will be held in Paris, France. At these conferences, theoretical and practical will gather in force to not only show their best, but to share valuable ideas and develop new friendships. AASE will provide all participants a firm platform for a meaningful academic and cultural experience. With fascinating ancient traditions and ultramodern lifestyle, Paris/France will surely be the center of many unforgettable moments for you. Respected authors are invited to submit abstracts, full papers and posters which have not been submitted in other conferences. Multiculturalism and perspectives are respected and appreciated in our conferences. We anticipate that these conferences will challenge how you look at your researches and find inspirations under a friendly and supportive environment.

■  List of AASE Conference in Paris/France